The dark legend returned with "Lovely Creatures" – arguably the most brilliantly sombre greatest hits album ever. We created a multi-level campaign across Facebook and Google to pull fans into the Sad Waters with our Red Right Hand.


The hottest band of the moment (geddit?) headed for a four show tour of USA and released their fiery new DVD "Rammstein: Paris". Working together with the management and the US booking agency, we built a remarketing campaign to reach all Rammstein fans, a multi-level campaign to pick up the others, and made sure everything ran perfectly on the socials.


The sweet Swedes are back and doing rock 'n' roll like they used to and we love it! Our international online marketing campaign – using content created by us and the band – reached old fans and new to get the MD party started.


Debbie Harry and her band made a very modern disco album and needed an agency to reach existing fans and potential new ones in the interwebz. Our campaign made sure of that.


Client: City Slang

Update: Deichkind are back on tour – and we're back to run the online marketing campaign for this beautiful live mayhem. With a geo-targeted Instagram and Facebook campaign, as well as a Google Search & YouTube campaign, ticketsare selling like hot cakes.

We advised German electro-trash-insane-whatever band Deichkind on their online strategy and led their online marketing campaign for 2015 album "Niveau Weshalb Warum" and the tour that followed.


Client: Indigo

The brilliant mind behind British cult-band Oasis can make great music with or without Liam - as can be heard in his latest of "Chasing Yesterday". It shot up the US charts to #5. We were asked to lead the online marketing campaign. We said maybeeeeee. No, definitely maybe. No, yes.


Is he still wearing the Panda mask? Will the new album be different? We don't even know for sure, BUT what we do know is that he has a mind-bogglingly great new video and single, and we're on board to run the online marketing campaign for the album. More coming soon!

Previous campaigns for CRO: "Melodie" & "MTV Unplugged".


This hotly-anticipated album didn't disappoint – with features from the likes of Little Dragon, Vince Staples, Tove Lo, the Australian producer made waves in Germany with our online-marketing campaign, happily working alongside our friends at PIAS Germany once again.

The Cranberries

The Irish band re-recorded "Zombie" and "Linger" as well as all the other hits, unplugged and with a string-quartet. We created an online marketing campaign and a trailer to match.


Client: Streetlife International

Planning and execution of the online marketing campaign for Nicki's "Pinkprint Tour". Never before have we had so many issues with ads being approved. Nicki's bodacious behind made all of the advertising rules seem old in comparison.


Client: BMG

The German megastars have sold over 100 million records worldwide (more than Coldplay and Tokio Hotel put together) and are this celebrating 50 years as a band by releasing the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions. A collection of high-quality products, all with the original album artwork to albums like "Virgin Killer" which (shock horror) featured a scantily clad young lady. How times have changed. Our job is to plan, co-ordinate and execute the global online-marketing campaign.


Client: BMG

We advised BMG on their strategy, as well as executing the entire online marketing campaign for Fritz Kalkbrenner's album "Ways Over Water".

Prinz Pi

Client: Keine Liebe

The German rapper marked his return with a brilliant video and a song that showed more emotion and pop sensibility than ever before. We're in charge of making sure even more people in the online world hear about the new album – starting with you!

Max Giesinger

After helping him get 7 million views on his original video to "80 Millionen" and head towards gold status, Mr Giesinger has now released a fantastic Euro 2016 version of the song to challenge the official anthems. Haven't heard it yet? Either watch the video here or turn on any radio in Germany.


Client: FKP Scorpio

Update: The announcement that the mighty Rammstein were performing live at 2016's Hurricane and Southside Festivals led to a rush of ticket sales, and our online marketing campaign was ready to get them to the right place fast, using the right keywords and placements to maximise conversions.

What would summer be without Southside and Hurricane Festival? We'd sooner no-one ever need to know. FKP Scorpio took us on board to make sure 2015 was a very special year. We worked with Google Adwords, a remarketing strategy for Google Display Ads and YouTube InStream Ads, as well as with Facebook Video Ads to make sure no festival fan missed the line-up of the summer.

Rick Astley

The legend returns, known for his catchy 80s hits and the Rick-Roll-ing phenomenon, and the album is brilliant. We are responsible for the online campaign across continental Europe about the great new songs and fun new video. 


Client: Streetlife International

We advised Streetlife International on their strategy, planned and executed the entire online marketing campaign for the A$AP Mob's Berlin concert.


Berlin rapper Prinz Pi has been building up his fashion label KEINE LIEBE for several years now, and is constantly launching exclusive and exciting streetwear collections. We recently joined the party to push the brand in Germany and abroad with ads across Facebook, Instagram and most Google platforms to generate as many conversions and clicks as possible. Let's grow this gang!


Client: Boldt Berlin

After the massive success of "Willst Du", the rapper with the glasses and goatee is back to take us to places we never knew hip-hop went. Boldt Berlin entrusted us with the online-marketing campaign, which will begin very shortly. Keep your eyes and ears (and mind) open.


Client:  FKP Scorpio

Update: We're up for 2016 - sick of EDM and teenagers pissing on your tent in the morning? It's because you're getting old! Not really, some of us just aren't into that - and for us there's A Summer's Tale, the festival with music and art in the foreground. With a cracking line-up, with Sigur Rós and Glen Hansard to name a few, and book readings, as well as art workshops, it certainly is a festival with a difference.

M'era Luna

Client: FKP Scorpio

Germany's world-famous goth festival is really one-of-a-kind. The "Faces Of M'era Luna", designed by FKP Scorpio and executed by yours truly, showed all of the fantastic outfits, ranging from the surreal to the completely deranged, giving the ticket sales a huge push and raising the awareness of an already legendary event.


Client: Four Music

Sido's protégé Adesse has all the makings of a star - great songs, a sharp look and, best of all, he's a really nice guy! Together with Four Music we created a WhatsApp Gang to allow him to connect to his fans, advised him on his use of social media, and are running the online marketing campaign to make sure everyone discovers this great new talent.

Matt Simons

Client: PIAS

The man who caught a whole crowd of radio fans with the brilliant "Catch and Release" is now releasing an album of the same name. We're working together with PIAS Germany to make sure the hit single leads to a hit album.


Client: BMG

Mr Candy and his one-in-a-million voice already blew us all away with "She Moves", a hit courtesy of Alle Farben. He's now back with a new EP "Holding Up Balloons" and got us on board for his online marketing campaign.


Client: BMG

You probably know the single "The World Is Ours" from the Deichmann TV campaign. But does Generation Z even know what a TV is? Whatever. With our online marketing campaign it was impossible not to have heard of Catcall – and that's a good thing!


Client: Grönland Records

Grönland Records artist Philipp Dittberner is one of the great successes of the year, his hit "Wolke 4" grabbing gold status and amassing over 20 million Spotify. We ran the online-marketing campaign for the album "2:33", making sure plenty of people still discovered the charming young chap.


Client: Streetlife International

It was no dilemma for us when we were asked to fix up Nelly's online marketing campaign for his tour around Germany. And we're very pleased we could ride wit' him.


Busy doing nothing? Come and shop at The Dudes Factory. They do what they do and like what they like. We are supporting their awesome online store with a multi-level Google campaign including Google Shopping, Search, Dynamic Display Ads and lots more.


Client: BMG

The Italian (and British) stallion is taking the world by storm with his raw voice and heart-wrenching tunes. With a completely sold-out tour of England ahead of him, Mr Savoretti and BMG came to us to run his online-marketing campaign in GSA, and we jumped at the opportunity, even meeting up with the man himself to shoot a few videos for his fans together.


Client: Streetlife International

This young talent is coming to Germany for the first time. We are on board to help her reach the audience she deserves, with a powerful In-Stream campaign to create awareness for her new sound.


A fantastic indie line-up and a beautiful venue are amongst Out Of The Woods' USPs – Pheonix, Feist, Alt-J and many more are due to perform at Austria's coolest indie fest, and we want to make sure the fans know about it.

Eko Fresh – Bars Über Nacht

Client: Punchline

Eko is back, and decided to drop his new EP overnight. Our online marketing campaign – combining In-Stream YouTube Ads and some crafty Facebook advertising – allowed everyone to follow him on his travels around New York City.


Client: Eskapaden

Afrob's new single was called "Immer Weiter" (On and on) and was not only a great motto but a damn good song. We jumped on board and ran the online marketing campaign, as well as advising the chaps on their social media performance, strategy and the development of their website.


HYPE is back and bigger than before. A new urban festival by Streetlife International with exciting international hip-hop artists, and yours truly is running an online marketing campaign based on YouTube, Google Display and a high-performing search campaign.


Client: Freibank

Berlin-based US artist Danielle de Picciotto released her album "Tacoma" in 2015. Our online marketing campaign managed to make a great number of ears very happy. SPEX magazine wrote: "Why aren't there more albums like this one?" Damn right.


Client: Supow Music

"Old worlds must end, so new suns can rise”! It's time: the sixth studio album from Patrice, and the second time he's chosen to work with us.


Client: Punchline

What better way to push a new artist that getting him right into fans' inboxes? We designed the King's website ( and encouraged his Facebook following to join his WhatsApp Gang with a strong online marketing campaign. His Gang has now grown considerably, allowing us to reactivate the users for our next Eazy campaign.


Client: FKP Scorpio / Komo Konzert

It's a beautiful world! You say you've got problems? Your bike tyre is flat, your fridge is empty and you got coffee on your shirt this morning? Forget all of those silly little things and let yourself be blown away with the magnitude of the nature around us. The award-winning BBC documentary screened with a live orchestra. And we did our bit helping the planet, even if it was just an online marketing campaign.


Client: Streetlife International

We ran a badass online marketing campaign for Joey's German tour.


Client: BMG

One word... uh, sorry, hashtag, is enough to describe this project: #DERBE What? You don't speak German? It's tough to translate. A mixture of rough, harsh and awesome. You know in '95 when you called something "bad" when you meant good? Yeah. That. We lead the online marketing campaign for Denyo's real derbe album. 



Client: Von Eden

It always feels like summer when you hear Von Eden, and indie-folk band fronted by actor Christoph Letkowski. With a brand-new video and a handful of genre-bending remixes, he definitely have a lot to show the world, and we're going to help him do it.


Client: BMG

With our online marketing help, their viral hit "Fickt-Euch-Allee" (complete with a cameo-packed music video filmed entirely on an iPhone) took them to whole new places and catapulted them into the mainstream media. But you don't want to know how much stress we had with Facebook to let us use the video.

Highfield Festival

Client: FKP Scorpio

The almighty Rammstein chose Highfield as their other German festival in 2016, alongside Hurricane / Southside respectively. We're running the online marketing campaign across a wide array of platforms to reach everyone who doesn't want to miss the party, and that they buy a ticket, of course.


Client: FKP Scorpio

Food for fun - the culinary event of the year. All across Germany you the Palazzo team of star chefs are entertaining crowds with their delicious inventions, and we helped them find their tickets online. Beats eating dinner in front of the TV any day of the week.

Chiemsee Summer Festival

Client: FKP Scorpio

Formerly know as the Chiemsee Summer Reggae Festival, this gem of an event takes place by the huge lake of the same name and now has a line-up ranging from Steve Aoki to Die Fantastischen Vier. Our aim with our online marketing campaign was to target the wide audience without a loss of intensity.


Swiss Superstar SEVEN is about to release 4COLORS – an album based around 4 different colour themes and 4 different videos which all fit together. Our job is to make sure the digital world hears about the great range of products, including a beautiful vinyl box.


The teen-movie star LINA turned her attention to music and charted with her album "Official" last month. Super-sweet and enthusiastic, her connection to her fans helped us help her with a bouncy online-marketing campaign heavily focussed on her powerful Instagram following.

Billy Talent

The heroes of our teenage years are back on tour in Germany, and we want people to hear about it through our online-marketing campainng together with FKP Scorpio.

Wild Culture

Client: BMG

The next big thing? Two DJs and producers from the Austrian mountains have developed a sound that brings electronic music out of the grime of the city and into the natural world. Their future classic "Sugar" featuring Karmin is catchy as hell - we look forward to delivering an equally brilliant online marketing campaign.


YouTube sensation  also cleverly turned her attention to music - with an incredible amount of reach on her side (over 700.000 Facebook fans and 300.000 YouTube subscribers), we're on board with BMG to make sure the channels are used to their full potential and girls all around Germany can shout "Scheiss Auf Jungs"! Jungs aren't actually all that bad, in our opinion, but we may be biased.

Power Rangers Megaforce

Client: GoodToGo

A childhood dream come true - we finally get to work with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Our online marketing campaign, aimed at both kids and their parents, ensured that the next generation could enjoy the shows as much as we used to. It's morphin' time!


A young yet powerful bundle of talent, RAZZ unexpectedly stormed into the charts with their debut album. With a huge festival summer ahead of them and countless gigs ahead, the expectations are high for their next offering - but don't worry, they picked out the best online-marketing team to make sure you hear about it when the time comes.