Social Media Management


Artists are expected to do so much nowadays, and sometimes the most important things get forgotten - spending time with family, buying shoes and SOCIAL MEDIA.

We provide tailor-made solutions for every case, covering all platforms. We pioneer new types of social media, while keeping the classic platforms catered for.

Social media is personal and unique, no less in the creative industries. We work closely with the artist or brand, to keep authenticity and individuality. People want to be entertained and stay informed. We give them a reason to become a fan.

As a multi-lingual team, we can manage any social media community and optimise any page. Fans want quick reactions and want to engage with content.

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Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves a range of tasks all centred around making your website more visible when someone uses a search engine. If someone is looking for you on the web, it is imperative they find you, sharpish.

We use keywords and tools to push your website to the top of search results. As with any online marketing campaign, we can chop and change budgets according to performance to make sure no penny goes to waste.

This approach is perfect when promoting a new release or product, and helps you shoot right to the top.

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Display Advertising


Display advertising is a type of that is located on websites all over the internet.

When was the last time you touched a billboard and went straight to a store? What's that? Never?

Online banners and ads are interactive and engaging, and they take you straight to the store the moment you click on them. With display advertising we achieve a great deal of awareness and conversions in one swoop. We can hand pick to whom we show the ads based on their behaviours, interests and buying history to make sure you target the customers you want.

With Google Display Ads we can show your product all over the Google Display Network - and that's a lot of websites - as well as advertising on YouTube. 

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Social Media Marketing


The world of social media isn't always about telling people what you just had for lunch. Every day more advertising tools are developed to target people across the realm of social media.

With Social Media Marketing we help you grow your fan base and advertise your current product or project. We can target precisely the people we want to reach and not waste any of your budget showing your ads to people who aren't interested.

Social Media Marketing is up close and personal, reaching people with relevant content exactly when and where we want it to.

We offer this service alongside our social media management - a match made in heaven.

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Web Development


Your web presence should be as great and as striking as your business, brand or project.

We offer simple (or complex, if that's what you want!) and effective solutions to ensure your website blows others away. 

With an extensive list of programmers and web designers available, we turn even the strangest ideas into code, as responsive and interactive as you need. From landing pages for album pre-orders to Facebook album players, we'll get it done.

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Out Of Home Advertising


The more classic form of advertising, out of home advertising is still as important as ever before, especially when running larger campaigns.

It's one thing to create awareness online, but there's nothing better than connecting with them on several levels. Out of home advertising builds prestige and trust in a product or an artist.

This is still the only kind of advertising where potential customers have to do nothing but leave the house. And even the geekiest of internet geeks needs to do that to grab a can of coke and a bag of crisps.

From billboards to building-site fences, we've got you covered, well, we've got the whole of Germany covered, actually.

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Booking and Event Management


With our expansive network of labels and artists, we are perfectly positioned to book the fitting artist to any event. Our work for Telekom Street Gigs has seen us co-ordinating acts from Ed Sheeran to Editors.

Our experience in the event management field means we can guide and advise you in everything from booking to planning, as well as promotion and brand sponsoring.

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