Client: Rammstein Management GbR

One of the few German bands to have achieved worldwide success, Rammstein really are one-of-a-kind. This year sees the release of a DVD called "Rammstein In Amerika", including a documentary spanning their entire career, from the far reaches of the Ostsee to worldwide domination, as well as a live concert film of their sold-out show in Madison Square Garden in 2010. Our job is to orchestrate the social media strategy for the worldwide release. Jawohl!

Update: To mark the band's 21st anniversary, Rammstein released a career-spanning limited edition vinyl box, featuring all 6 remastered albums and an extra disc with previously unreleased tracks. We were very pleased to be on board for the social media side of things!


Client: Warner Music

The Beatsteaks have been around for 20 years - that's a lifetime for a 20 year old! And they haven't ever really taken a break. This year saw them sell-out two huge shows in Berlin's Wuhlheide, and after a huge festival summer, the lads are set to release a singles-compilation, a collection of big tunes from their musical career to date. With so much happening, they needed a hand with their social media, and that's where we came in.


Client: Warner Music

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren (Pain/Hypocrisy) released their debut album as "Lindemann", titled "Skills In Pills" on June 19th. It's loud. It's controversial. It's big. You can easily imagine how much fun we had/are having doing their social media management and (alongside the dudes at Prototype) making their website.


Client: Warner Music

Hit-machine Robin Schulz has become a worldwide success. As an international superstar you don't really want to have to think about your social media optimisation, and even if you did, you don't have the time. We worked together with his label, getting his Facebook page to look absolutely marvellous and worked out a perfect strategy for the coming months. 


The delicious and original botanically-brewed beverages have finally made it to Germany. And who better than yours truly to make sure the Fentimans family name is spread around social media to tickle tastebuds with great content. We look forward to the coming months and years working together with Schneider & Levi GmbH and MORENO GmbH & Co. KG.


Client: Modern Soul

Ever since his remix of Asaf Avidan's "One Day (Reckoning Song)" and follow up single together with Emma Louise "My Head Is a Jungle" shot up the charts worldwide, Berlin-based DJ Wankelmut has been touring all across the globe, from Bielefeld to Bali and back. The superstar DJ was kind enough to invite us on his travels - but not first class, out and about - no, sir. Digitally, together with you! We create content and manage his social media, and catch ourselves daydreaming about the big wide world out there.


Client: B&S Beverage Spirits

The Kraken Rum was named after the legendary monster of the deep. Distilled from molasses in Trinidad and Tobago, the rum is dark, strong, and smooth. The mighty beast needs mighty social media and a powerful online marketing strategy. Which is where we stepped in. We create content, help introduce the brand to new potential customers and occasionally arm-wrestle the creature. Cheers, me hearties!


Warner artist Nils Wülker recorded his album with The Krauts, played trumpet on Marteria's new album and the man himself features on his. We are on board to plan his social media strategy together with his great team.


Client: Flow Festival / Verstaerker

Flow Festival in Helsinki brings all kinds of music together in a fantastic venue - from old-school legends to newcomers. With our help they wanted to grow the amount of festival fans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who head there each year. As well as translating their website we advised them on an online marketing strategy and used social media to engage more people from the GSA area.


Client: B&S Beverage Spirits

In 1921, at the start of Berlin's infamous roaring twenties, the Meisner family developed the recipe for Held Vodka – and today the vodka is still produced. Same recipe, same twenties-tinged madness. We take this classic brand and present it perfectly to the 21st century customer. Prost!


Client: Rammstein

This week saw us launch the brand new Facebook page dedicated entirely to the very expansive Rammstein merchandise shop, as well as running a very successful online marketing campaign to increase sales before Christmas. 


Client: Supow Music

This was the second campaign we worked on with Patrice, and it felt great to be able to post, upload, comment and push a great new album all over the social media field.