We are a creative- and marketing-agency for the music and entertainment industry helping artists and creative managers with the challenge of reaching their full potential in a complex, digital world. We give you the skills and resources to feel more independent and effective when making important decisions.

We produce, film, and edit videos and trailers, adapt existing assets, and tailor them to the social media platform of your choice. We design and create graphics in all shapes and colors – in essence, we generate content that not only looks stunning but also achieves success. As specialists across all platforms, we are intimately familiar with their rules, specifications, and guidelines. The unique features of each platform, along with the characteristics of their algorithms, always form an integral part of our creative process, our conceptual designs, and our social media management services.

We work strategically and creatively as a long-term partner by your side and we never forget who takes centre-stage: The artist. We design and execute campaigns – including concepts, content, target audience definition, project- and campaign-management, paid media and all other types of digital communication. What we know is that every band, every artist, every festival and every brand is individual. We want to work hand in hand with artists and creative managers to help them take on the complex challenges of online opportunities and use these tools to their full potential. ease gives them the resources and the competence to act independently and freely. We want to be an artists’ marketing department – not bound to any particular platform or channel. In this way we’re different to any marketing department in a corporation, because we always see the artist’s brand as a whole and give them complete control of their rights and data.