The ease team - passionate, professional, music-loving digital natives who love what they do. If you want to get to know us better, you've come to the right place!

Who dis?

Malte Schröder
As a founder, Malte has been through all disciplines – from online-marketing to social media – over the last ten years. As an experienced managing director, he is primarily concerned with the overall strategy and art direction of artists in interdisciplinary collaboration with the concept team, as well as community- and project-management.
Marie Heimer
After spending many years in artist-marketing and streaming-strategy, Marie took on the whole new challenge of self-employment. As managing director she now oversees our organisational culture, brings new clients on board, optimises our processes and takes care of HR, finance and taxes as well as business development.
Ena Soukou
Ena keeps the wheels turning – from planning meetings to writing invoices. A true all-rounder, she has everything under control and keeps everyone in the office smiling.
Pierre directs all creatives and helps keep designs on-brand. He writes custom-made concepts and coordinates the production of all graphics and video material.
Julia keeps an overview of all of our projects and clients, and sets tasks for the teams. With her experience at big-name agencies, she’s also the perfect addition to our concept team.
What to post and for which audience? Content planning and wordings are Matt’s domain. Put your Instagram, Facebook or your newsletter in a safe and creative pair of hands.
Paid Marketing
Planning, running and optimising paid media campaigns – Linda takes care of it all with great attention to detail. She finds the relevant audiences and ensures they get the message.
Júlia Simó
Content Creation
If you're looking for great graphic design and video editing, Juls is the person to call. Bringing even more creativity to our concept- and strategy-team, she designs face filters, teasers, Spotify homepage takeovers and much, much more!
Floriane Kremp
Content Marketing & Campaign Strategy
Floriane works at our Hamburg branch and boosts the team with her major-label experience. She develops content-marketing concepts, makes ideas happen and is living proof that "always on" is more than just a buzzword for us.
Alex Schlage
Providing artists with advice and support for their upcoming campaigns – that's Alex’s world! With his years of experience in the independent sector, he complements our team in project and campaign management.
Luisa Hemmerling
With a degree in visual communication (almost) under her belt, Luisa provides support in concept and content marketing. She develops custom- fit digital strategies that are more than just communication and social media.
Philipp Sonnenstrahl
Business Development
With a degree from the Popakademie, Philipp brings the necessary knowledge to support us and our clients in strategic planning and business development. He is also the Godfather of workshops: Brainwriting, Business Model Canvas or Stinky Fish – Philipp knows them all!
Emma has a knack for words, images and numbers, and is bursting with creative ideas. She oversees and coordinates creative campaigns and digital communication measures with a focus on social media.

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What’s with the laid-back name?

Our small team is proud to be able to fulfill client needs quickly and individually. How do we do it? With the flattest of hierarchies, a clear structure and experts from every field across the online world.

Our philosophy

We love our work, and we’re always questioning and adapting our methods to keep on top of our game, unrestrained from all conventions. learn more
Our values
Work should be fun and fulfilling. That’s why it’s all the more important not to forget our principles. learn more
Every step helps. We all leave a massive ecological footprint and our aim is to shrink ours as much as possible. learn more
Bridging the gap: From campaigns to always-on-marketing. We replace the classic campaign approach with our 24-7-365 concept. learn more