10 good reasons for Always-on

1 Centralised data points

If a fan clicks on a link to your Spotify, they’d probably also be interested if you go on tour – sounds like a simple and logical idea, but it’s hardly ever put into practice. We set up a database (that belongs to you) and put it into use for every marketing impact (release, tour, merch). Your data belongs to you!

2 Marketplace development, features, impulse

You find it taxing or just don’t have the time to keep up with new features and developments in the marketplace? We send you relevant updates. The best thing about it: We’ll also send you an example of it in use, or even a marketing idea based on it. We love to initiate and we’re always hungry for more!

3 Individual Service

We see artists, bands and festivals as brands – and place great emphasis on a wholesome and tailor-fitted working relationship. TikTok? We’ll only suggest it if it makes sense for you. You can do it, but don’t have to just because everyone’s talking about it. We check what really makes sense – sometimes it makes more sense to leave it than to go along with everyone else.

4 Competent project management

Preferably you’d like to send all your info to just one phone number or email address and get a quick reply? We offer you project management with experience, as well as digital tools to keep the process smooth, saving you save time and energy.

5 Flexible and dynamic

As a small team, we are fast and dynamic enough to execute last-minute ideas. We all know it: You can always expect the unexpected to happen!

6 You keep your rights

No need to cede any of your rights: Be it copy- or master-rights – you can do what you want with them. We can advise you when it comes to licensing. We are neutral and help you get the most out of every business partnership.

7 Brand awareness

To keep your brand identity consistent across all areas, we design a clear guide with Dos and Don’ts. Our safety-net system ensures that only approved content goes online. The result: The better we know your brand, the faster it gets.

8 Strategy and consistency

You’re sick of briefing and coordinating a constant flux of freelancers, graphic designers, video directors, photographers and website programmers? As long as it’s got to do with the Internet, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we keep your strategy and planning on track, we also keep the commissioned work on-brand and on-schedule.

9 Creative approach

Our team thinks in 9:16 and not just 16:9! We fit high-quality creative elements to successful communication strategies. It’s not just the look that counts, but the great idea behind it. Even the best video can sink in a sea of content, if it doesn’t have the right idea to keep it afloat and get it noticed.

10 Transparency

We offer full transparency across the board, including our prices and offers. No confusing invoices, no hidden costs! We take our partnerships seriously and build them on trust. Working together is always easier than against each other, just look at the results.