Hans Zimmer's musical style is distinctive. But what about his online presence? Together with Sony Music and the support of YouTube, ease designed an unforgettable online event to engage with creators around the world to participate in Hans Zimmer's latest project: "Enter the World of Hans Zimmer". A competition was held for budding filmmakers to create video sequences for songs from Hans Zimmer's album. The finalists were part of a big live and online event.

3.344 Participants
from +40 Countries
2.389 Song downloads
424 Submissions
1.372 Members in the Facebook group
795 Times the hashtag #EnterTheWorldOfHansZimmer was used
64.793 Views on the premiere video (as of 10.03.2021)
+1 Million Views on the six final winning videos (as of 10.03.2021)

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