Our new way of working

We’re creating a new way to work that fits with the demands of our digital and global society. Being able to bring ideas and requests, acting independently in a creative environment, working in a nice office, using structured processes and modern work methods, as well as a corporate culture built on trust, are all central values in our vision to get us to where we want to be.

1 In-house rules

Overtime and work on weekends aren’t always avoidable, but should remain an exception rather than becoming a rule. We are in the office from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. til 6 p.m.

In case of sickness you don’t have to prove to your colleagues how tough you are. We’d rather you stay at home until you feel better again.

No working on holiday! We want everyone to have the holiday they deserve without being stressed out about work. Teams can sort out and plan their own holidays by themselves. We ensure that everyone takes the amount of days off required by law. We don’t track the amount of days taken, and trust our teams and colleagues to be honest.

2 Structure and organisation

Our team is young, dynamic and communicative. We rely on daily stand-up meetings, weekly project meetings, structured workdays, and put great emphasis on our monthly 1:1 meetings with our employees.

Whether it’s at a desk in our open space, on our sofa, in our chilled-out quiet room or together with a colleague – we offer a variety of working spaces for each situation.

3 Tools

Nothing is static, and that applies to us, and to the tools we use. We constantly update our technical setup to fit our requirements and use cloud technology to work collaboratively.

4 Process optimisation

Everything is changing – what worked or suited a situation might not always do so. We all change and so do the demands of our clients, our company and our colleagues. There’s no “because that’s how we always do it” at ease. We’re happy to scrap it all and start again if it’s what is required.

This applies for all of our clearly-defined processes which help make our clients’ and our team’s lives easier.

5 Company values

We’ve got nothing against money. Quite the opposite; we need it to pay our monthly business costs or to go on holiday now and then. Success is important, but not at any price! The following is important to us:

Moral standards – human qualities are key for our relationships with our business partners, clients and colleagues. We accept that everyone has their strengths and weakness, and expect the same amount of tolerance from others.

Integrity – make quick cash now €€€! Not interested. We want to deliver quality and aim for long-term working partnerships with happy clients.

Accepting mistakes – we all make mistakes. Whoever says they don’t is lying or not brave enough to admit it.

Sustainability – our company wouldn’t exist without money, but humankind won’t exist without us being sustainable. Find out here how we at ease are engaging and want to engage ecologically.