How ease will and currently engages ecologically

1 No domestic flights!

We only use domestic flights in Germany in emergency situations and if there are no other options available. All CO2 from flights is compensated with For all long-distance trips we’ll rely on our old friend, the Deutsche Bahn.

2 We plant trees!

Every tree helps filter C02 from our atmosphere. We plant trees with the help of our clients: One tree for every 1000 € earned. You can find the amount of trees you’ve planted with on our invoices.

3 Social and ecological banking!

We put our trust (and money) in the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank – the first social and ecological bank – as they don’t speculate on international markets and as they support sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs with loans in Germany.

4 Reducing energy use

We use remote-controlled LED lighting to keep our energy use low. Our office is on the top floor, and the large, well-insulated roof windows provide enough light to work all day. On hot summer days we need to use air-conditioning, but this too is kept to the required minimum.

5 Clean energy!

Our computers run on clean energy provided by Greenpeace. We use as little water as possible.

6 Organic and plastic-free!

Oat milk, not cow’s milk. Organic local fruit and veg. Water from glass bottles. We avoid plastic wherever possible.

7 Electric mobility!

Company-car use will be reduced to a minimum and all vehicles will eventually be replaced with electric versions. The majority of our workforce already uses public transport to commute. We will replace business trips with video conferences or the good, old classic phonecall.

8 Fair trade!

OK, we’ll be honest: Our coffee machine is from Nespresso. As it still works well we’re not about to throw it in the bin. We drink fair trade coffee from biodegradable capsules.

9 We donate our Pfand!

We donate our Pfand bottles (recyclable bottles with a small deposit) to

10 Recycling and using less paper

We aim to be a paper-free office. We separate and recycle our waste.

11 Less packaging!

We try to optimise our online orders. We avoid ordering single items and prefer to wait until we can order them as a batch, saving on packaging and transport.

We’re not perfect, but we’re ready to make changes. Send your ideas, suggestions, comments, and general feedback to