How ease engages socially and ecologically

1 No domestic flights

We only use domestic flights in Germany in emergency situations and if there are no other options available. All CO2 from flights is compensated with For all long-distance trips we’ll rely on our old friend, the Deutsche Bahn.

2 We plant trees

Every tree helps filter C02 from our atmosphere. We plant trees with the help of our clients: One tree for every 1000 € earned. The proceeds go to every year. In addition, we compensate the CO2 emissions of our employees with the kind support of Planted. Visit our company forest.

3 Social and ecological banking

We put our trust (and money) in the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank – the first social and ecological bank – as they don’t speculate on international markets and as they support sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs with loans in Germany.

4 Reducing energy use

We use remote-controlled LED lighting to keep our energy use low. Our office is on the top floor, and the large, well-insulated roof windows provide enough light to work all day. On hot summer days we need to use air-conditioning, but this too is kept to the required minimum.

5 Clean energy

Our computers run on clean energy provided by Greenpeace. We use as little water as possible.

6 Organic and plastic-free

Oat milk, not cow’s milk. Organic local fruit and veg. Water from glass bottles. We avoid plastic wherever possible.

7 We donate our Pfand

We donate our Pfand bottles (recyclable bottles with a small deposit) to

8 Recycling and using less paper

We aim to be a paper-free office. We separate and recycle our waste.

9 Less packaging

We try to optimise our online orders. We avoid ordering single items and prefer to wait until we can order them as a batch, saving on packaging and transport. We do not order anything from Amazon.

We’re not perfect, but we’re ready to make changes. Send your ideas, suggestions, comments, and general feedback to