Our values

1 No-Asshole-Policy

Working together is much easier than against each other, right? Good relationships make life a lot easier. This applies as much to contract negotiations as it does to daily business. A good deal is one that makes both sides happy. Working with assholes is a waste of valuable time.

2 Sustainability

Sustainability can only be achieved by looking at environmental, financial and social aspects of a business. We work to make a profit sustainably without generating too many losses.

3 Independence

We don’t have investors and aren’t a public company. This means we are completely independent. One of our most important decisions was not to go for an exit-strategy but to grow organically and over the long-term. No artificial growth, no bullshit – more entrepreneurial ideas!

4 Transparency

We are happy when our clients are happy. Sounds like a cliché, but it’s how it really is. It starts with contract negotiations and carries on into our daily business. We see ourselves as partners for our clients and work on a level playing field. We are respectful and build loyal, long-term working partnerships that make everyone happy.

5 Diversity

Equal chances for everyone! Our team is as diverse as our society. Every opinion has the same value. People from outside the box who think outside the box are always welcome!

6 Team spirit

We want employees to feel responsible and to give them enough space. This requires employees to take on responsibility and feel confident doing so. We are convinced that a good team spirit leads to more success for the company.

7 Passion

We work for music we love. We unequivocally back and support every project we take on. We don’t work for clients and companies that don’t respect our values and norms.

8 Community

No-one knows everything – except Hermione Granger. We are experts in our field but still we learn something new every day. We’re not scared of others being better than we are. Quite the opposite: We love working with people who help broaden our minds.

9 Evolution

We constantly scrutinise our process. Challenging the status quo means trying something different. We take small steps in the right direction and help our clients do so, too!

10 Promoting talent

Despite our company having a structure, we believe in flat hierarchies and a level playing field. Respect and trust are our most important values. We don’t keep anyone down. We look for potential in our colleagues to help them grow and evolve within our team. Proactively helping the agency is a must!