Way to Always On

We know that every band, artist, and festival is unique. And because all clients are different, we offer to look after everything that you can think of when you hear “digital” and “creative”. Check out how it works:

1 Request

You want to work with us? Send us some info about your artist or entertainment project: What’s coming up? What are you looking for? Where do your biggest challenges lie? We’ll talk with each other and send you a fitting offer. Booking us is easy: We all sign a digital contract and get to work.

2 Setup & Digital Health Check

Firstly we get an idea of the status-quo: Facebook, Spotify, Wikipedia, Instagram and everything else – we analyse all relevant channels and platforms, and check what your profile and content are made of: What works well and what can we improve together? You give us access to all platforms for us to collect information on target audiences and look at how fans engage in order to give us a good overview.

3 Workshop

We use our workshop format to ask the most important questions and do the groundwork: Which platforms for which fans? What’s the story in my campaign? Who do I want to reach and how? We invite you to our office and use different methods to develop ideas and formats.

4 Concept

Using your input from the workshop we develop a concept and formats to fit to your target audience, giving your artist- or entertainment-brand a unique identity. There’s nothing wishy-washy about it – we take each individual platform into account during the development process and think about how to take offline-ideas into the online world. This all includes owned, earned and paid media.

5 Implementation

We discuss all current topics and campaigns in a weekly call, and with your input we update the content- and production-plans to get everything posted on time. A clear and structured approval process ensures that all posted content is correct. We produce, post and moderate campaign content.

6 Always-on

There’s a sixth step? Yes! To us, looking after your digital presence means a constant evolution of ideas and possibilities. There’s a new feature on Instagram? A new challenge on TikTok? We keep you updated with fitting activation ideas and new formats. It’ll never get boring!